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someone out the way you've been helped out. >> pay it forward. a community planning to come together to remember a family found dead in their herndon home. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome to "news 4 today." it is wednesday, september 26th. this morning the national park service will announce the contractor chosen to repair the earthquake damage to the washington monument. the monument sustained serious structural damage in last year's 5.8 magnitude earthquake. the top of the oblisque has several large cracks. the repairs expected to cost more than $15 million. this morning's news conference will start at 10:30, and you can look for the latest on "news 4 midday" and on our website, >> first let's check the forecast. definitely warmer this morning. a lot warmer, you say, really. y>> b 10 to 15 degrees,
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depending on where you are. there's so many locations in the 40s. this morning we're starting out in the 50s, even low 60s throughout the area. in fact, it's 67 degrees right now at reagan national airport. 67 degrees. we've got a mild start. that maends we're going to have an even warmer finish. we're going to see our warmest day out of the work week today. 67 the current temperature. we've got a cloudy sky at reagan national airport. we're expecting today a small chance of a few showers. that's what's on radar right now. storm team 4 radar. look at that. gaithersburg, bethesda area. showers, just a few. we've got that moving out. frostburg and petersburg moving through. for your morning hour here, umbrella ready, 57 to 64 degrees. mild, mild, mild, even at lunchtime today. 77 degrees with a slight chance showers. again coming through our area. the high of 84. danella? right now maryland state police checking on a possible accident involving an overturned vehicle. this is on the inner loop of the beltway between old georgetown
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road and rockville pike. let's check live cameras in the area. i'm looking for it, and i can't see anything on camera. i want to make you aware of it if you're traveling the inner loop in that area. please use caution. hopefully in ten minutes, i can have an update for you on exactly where it is and if it's happening. for now, maryland state police are reporting that inner loop, as you make your way towards rockville pike, possible overturned vehicle there. let's head over to i-66 at su d sudley heading eastbound. looks good, eastbound speeds at 62 miles an hour. back in ten minutes. back over to you. >> danella, thank you. new this morning, police investigating a double shooting along "h" street southeast a few blocks from the prince george's county line. the shooting happened about 11:30 last night. police are not releasing a lot of details about this case,ut they say one man was shot in the head. at last check, both victims are still in the hospital. tonight friends and members
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of the herndon community will gather to remember a family of four found dead in their home. this morning there are still more questions than answers about what happened. news 4's melissa mollet joins us from herndon with more on the investigation. melissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. just a sad, sad story about this very nice neighborhood here in herndon. let me step away. you can see an officer has been sitting on this house since about midnight. he said other officers are expected back out here in a couple of hours to continue the investigation. they were inside the home until about 2:00 this morning but still are not saying what they think happened here. take a look at the scene from chopper 4 yesterday. here's what we know. a mother, father, and two teenage boys lived inside the house. when the mother didn't show up for work this week, a co-worker called police. we understand the kids also did not attend school monday or tuesday. police not giving details about what happened, but they did say there's no threat to the community. neighbors we spoke with said the family lived in the home for 30
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years. they were always very friendly and very helpful. >> they'd always invite me to their lake house, and they were always so nice to me. >> reporter: now, we know that one of the teenage boys attended westfield high. the other attended rachel carson middle school. their identities have not been officially released by police. we do expect that information later today. there will be that vigil that you mentioned just a few minutes ago for the family tonight at floris methodist church at 7:00 p.m. more details on the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the president of libya tells nbc news the attack had nothing to do with an anti-islam film that sparked violent protests in several countries. he said there were no protesters at the site before the attack, which came in two waves, first by rocket propelled grenades, then with mortars at a safe
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house. he noted the assault happened on september 11th, and the video had been available for months. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others died in the attack. a potential boycott expected today in new york as iran's president addresses the u.n. general assembly. president mahmoud ahmadinejad already addressed a high level meeting of world leaders on monday, but today's speech to the larger assembly is expected to be even more controversial. it comes on one of the holiest days on the hebrew calendar, yom kippur. ahmadinejad is known for denouncing israel and in the past has denied the holocaust ever happened. in an interview with the ap, he also said a new world order needs to rise that brings american, quote, bullying and domination to an end. the road to the white house will run through virginia tomorrow. president obama will visit virginia beach tomorrow morning. mitt romney will be in our area. he has a rally planned at american legion post 176 in springfield. tomorrow's events come two days after vice president joe biden held a campaign event in
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chesterfield county, virginia. today both candidates will be in another battleground state, ohio. mitt romney will continue his bus tour through the buckeye state. the president will speak at two ohio colleges, bowling green university and kent state. the latest poll shows obama with a sizable lead in ohio. he leads by eight points among likely voters. the president holds a smaller lead in the key state of florida. he's ahead by four points among likely voters and nine points by registered voters. romney's campaign is downplaying these numbers. they say they trust their own polling. this morning an expected vote on a potential rate hike for pepco. last night dozens of customers upset about the possible hike staged a protest at headquarters in downtown d.c. if approved, the plan would increase bills by $5 a month in maryland. pepco also expected to vote itself on a contract proposal for some of its workers today. if the deal is rejected, union
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workers could go on strike. news 4's angie goff is following breaking news from the news 4 live desk. angie, good morning. >> good morning. just into the news 4 news room, new video of the attacks targeting the command buildings in syria. you can hear the gunshots. they rang out in the streets of damascus after the blast. the bombs, one of which officials believed was planted inside a building, rocked structures, leaving behind fire and these massive columns of black smoke in the sky. casualties are still unknown, but officials say the blast caused only material damage. it's the latest attack on the city as the attack on bashar al assad continues. last month a bombing killed the president's brother-in-law and a defense minister. 5:07 is your time now. another major bank finding itself the victim of a cyber attack this morning.
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mpllin also ahead, why the blown call controversy in the nfl becoming a talking point in the presidential election.
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take a look at the funnel
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cloud in illinois. dash cam video shows that cloud. it was part of a storm that spawned tornadoes, golf ball-sized hail and high wipds last night. so far no deaths or injuries have been reported. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in to tell us more about a change overnight. much warmer, veronica. >> much warmer and a little wet. part of the system that you saw there that produced the tornado in illinois, part of that system producing some of the wet weather around our area. we're not going to see anything like that. we're not going to have severe weather. just showers coming through the area north side of the beltway. bethesda up towards savage, we've got rain showers toward the west. that's what's going to be moving through the morning hours. we're in the 60s this morning. we'll see a high today getting up to 84, 85 degrees with the best chance of showers for the afternoon. let's get a look at first 4 traffic with danella.
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>> thanks, veronica. still getting reports of an overturned vehicle at rockville pike. traveling bw parkway and i-95 in maryland looks good between the beltway and the capitol beltway. no issues there. if you're taking the rails, no reported delays on the metro, marc, or vre. all are running on or close to schedule. aaron and eun? >> thanks, danella. 5:12 is the time. the material girl's latest political stand is not sitting well with d.c. concertgoers. violence in the streets of spain. the crisis that has thousands of protesters clashing with police.
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15 after the hour, and frustration over the nfl's replacement referees is reaching new heights after the league upheld monday night's mad epg game in a statement. nfl officials said that seattle seahawks receiver golden tate should have been called for pass interference. but since he wasn't and the ruling on the field was a simultaneous catch, the call could not be overturned. usually soft-spoken packers quarterback aaron rodgers said the statement was, quote, bull. he and his teammates have talked about going on strike and taking a knee on every play of every game until the referee issue is resolved. fans have been bashing the league online too, and now they are literally making their voices heard. in the hours after the game, the league office received more than 70,000 voicemails from fans. that's thanks in part to wisconsin state senator john erpenbach who tweeted out nfl commissioner roger goodell's phone number.
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another state senator, sweeney is trying to end the madness. he introduced legislation that would ban replacement referees in the state where the new york giants and jets play. mitt romn-- paul ryan, who' from wisconsin, had the strongest take yesterday. >> it's time to get real refs. it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right, it's time to get out. >> he told cnn he would rather see experienced referees back on the field. and president obama tweeted this "nfl fans on both sides of the aisle hope the referees lockout is ended soon." the controversy is growing following the end of monday night's game between green bay and seattle. this morning green bay's cbs affiliate came up with a unique
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ploy to show that no everyone is suited to do someone else's job. >> this is your replacement weather guy. forecast, it looks like it's going to be bad out there, people. 200 degrees below today, we're looking at, and it's really going to heat up. it's going to be like 346 degrees by noon. >> get out of here. what is going on? >> needless to say, the replacement weather guy did not last too long on his job. >> pretty funny there. >> no one can replace our storm team. >> not at all, no. as hard as i have tried to stand in front of that screen, it doesn't work. can't get it right. >> leave it to the professionals. >> exactly. the americans may not be all that crazy about president obama's health care law, but a new poll says they don't see it going away. 7 of 10 americans think the health care law will go into
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full effect. 41% expect the law to be implemented with minor changes. 31% expect a few major changes. only 12% expect the affordable care act to be repealed. some parts of the law are already in full effect. the big coverage expansion for the uninsured doesn't come until 2014. 5:19. the material girl is causing controversy for how she described president barack obama. madonna endorsed the president on monday night at her concert at the verizon center. she asked the sold out audience to support the president. >> we have a black muslim in the white house. >> the president is not muslim. he's christian. and madonna also showed off an obama tattoo on her back. wells fargo is the latest bank targeted in a series of cyber attacks. according to "the wall street journal," about 220 customers filed complaints of the outages on its website.
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the complaints say customers were having problems logging on. last week similar attacks happened on jp morgan chase and bank of america's websites. an unknown group called the cyber fighters is claiming responsibility for the attacks. a developing story now out of spain. overnight, police fired rubber bullets and used batons on marchers. protesters had clashed with police all day during a march that stopped short of spain's parliament building. the protesters are demanding new elections, criticizing the government cutbacks and tax hikes as well. more protests are expected today. this morning investigators are trying to determine what led to a shooting that left a sheriff's deputy and a suspect in san diego. they're following up on a suspect in a child abuse case. as soon as they approached the suspect, there were reports of
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shots fired. all three were taken to the hospital for surgery. today more than a million people across new zealand took part in an earthquake drill. that exercise is designed to teach people to find cover and hold on to something stable when a quake strikes. that drill was held at schools, the zoo, parliament, and airports. new zealand is hit by thousands of quakes each year, most of them minor. in february of last year, a 6.3 magnitude quake hit the city of christchurch, killing 185 people. 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is here with our forecast for today. is it going to be a nice one, veronica? >> it's not going to be a bad day today. if i had to give a grade on what kind of day today is going to be, i'd give it a b minus. >> not that bad. >> we're going to have clouds around today, so it's not going to be nice and pretty as a couple of days have been. at least it's going to be milder too, including our start. take a look at the temperatures throughout the area. elk ridge, maryland, 60 degrees right now. great falls, virginia, currently
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at 63. severna park, maryland, 62. what's going on at the bus stop? kids probably can get by without the sweatshirt and jacket. today 57 to 62 with very light showers coming through the area by then. savage, maryland, right now still a little wet with light showers north around baltimore. off to the west, a few more scattered light showers that will be moving in. frostburg, petersburg, elkins, and morgantown all there seeing some rain. that's going to be making its way eastward. day planner forecast. umbrella ready today. we're not going to get a lot of rain. it the not going to rain in any one area for that long of a time period. look at the temperature by 3:00 p.m. from mid-70s at noon to 85 degrees by the time we get to late afternoon. isolated thunder possible too with our best chance of rain coming during the afternoon. that's when we could see a little bit of thunder too. 70 to 75 degrees for your evening rush heading home. here's a look at your four-day
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forecast and your seven-day forecast too. for today, thursday, friday, saturday, the possibility of rain. sunday, at least we're dry with a high of 74. today warm at 84. danella? checking the roadways, veronica. still seeing construction slowing you down. let's head out and check delays. inner loop at eisenhower avenue collector. the cones are up blocking two of your left lanes. right lanes are getting by, but you can see volume growing in the area. let's also check this time at braddock, traveling on the outer loop of the beltway. not a lot of volume, but still seeing two of the left lanes blocked here. this time on the outer loop as you make your way toward the interchange. if you're taking the rails, still checking them, they're looking good. metro, marc, and vre aren't reporting delays. they're running on our close to schedule. aaron and eun, over to you. >> 5:23 now. california is the latest state to allow google's self-driving cars on the road. governor jerry brown signed the
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autonomous vehicles into law. the law will set up procedures and requirements for determining when the cars are road ready. nevada passed similar bills. google hopes that self-driving cars will be able to drive on public streets in five years or less. the nats' first place lead is shrinking just a bit. the nationals lost to the phillies, and the second place braves beat the marlins. that reduced the nats' lead to four games. the number to clinch the division is five. washington and atlanta have both clinched playoff spots now. the nats take on the phillies again tonight. go, nats. injuries have had a pretty big impact on the redskins already this year. this morning, though, they have some new backup. former packers running back grant ryan will now be suiting up with the burgundy and gold. he'll be back up for alfred morris, who got the starting position after roy he lilu and m royster got banged up preseason.
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the nfl fining offensive coordinator kyle shanahan $25,000. shanahan not happy with the 0 officiating during the redskins' loss to the bengals on sunday and was given an unsportsmanlike penalty for berating the refs. he then chased them off the field, you see it here, into the tunnel. shanahan said in a statement that he would not respond that way again. >> and the name of the player for the skins is ryan grant. >> what did i say? >> grant ryan. >> close. how i prince george's police are trying to keep the community involved in the search for two the killers of two teenagers.
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the stories making headlines right now at 5:28. a neighbor plans to honor a herndon family found dead in their home. president obama is mitt romney both focusing on ohio today as a new poll shows the president's lead is growing in that battleground state. and we'll soon know what company will be making the
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repairs to the washington monument following last year's earthquake. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. it is wednesday, september 26th. take a look outside with us, if you will, as we approach 5:29. i can tell you the clouds are out there, maybe a little rain. warmer to start the day too. i hope i've left a little something for veronica to say. >> always the fine details of getting it right. >> right. >> okay, yeah. rain for today. but we've got a better chance for the afternoon, for the evening rush than we do this morning. and even then we're talking about a very small chanls of rain. a little bit of wet weather expected for today. as aaron gilchrist just said, he's an honorary meteorologist for a hot minute. clouds out here right now with a little bit of a breeze. we're going to see more of a breeze later today from 10 to 20 miles per hour. from 67, we're going way up
5:30 am
today. it's going to be the warmest day out of the work week where those drops are right now. some very small drops. savage, maryland, bowie right now, around lake shore. right around i-97. that's making its way northeast away from our area. then we've got more rain west, even a little bit of lightning showing up just shout of morgantown. that's what's going to be moving through here for your morning commute. some of you will get wet. and even so, those that do see some rain showers, this is not going to last very long, and it's going to be very light. so isolatedight showers, a milder start for us. 57 to 64. by lunchtime today, still a shower chance. that's going to be mainly across northern maryland with a temperature at 70 to 77 degrees. then 80 to 84 later today. i'll have your four-day forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. right now first 4 traffic. right now tracking breaking news in germantown. if you're making the trip i-270 southbound at germantown road. crash there looks like only you are able to pass. just single file to the left. look at the delays growing.
5:31 am
again, this is i-270 southbound at germantown road. police are on the scene of a crash there. looks like you're just squeezing by on the left. also have an accident. this one not as bad because it's in your right shoulder lane. as you travel the outer loop of the beltway approaching i-270. you're going to see an accident and activity again just in your right shoulder lane there. an update on both of these accidents. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. prince george's county police will be out in full force today trying to solve two murder mysteries. officers will join a community walk in kettering and pass out flyers. they're looking for information on the death of amber stanley. the 17-year-old was shot and killed last month during a home invasion while she was in bed. stanley was a senior at charles flowers high school. police will also hold a meeting about the murder of 18-year-old marckel ross. he was shot and killed while walking to school in capitol heights earlier this month. police are offering up to
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$25,000 in reward money for tips that lead to an arrest and indictment. the meeting will held at the high school tonight at 7:00. the herndon community is planning a candlelight vigil tonight to honor a family found dead in their home. police are still at the scene this morning trying to figure out exactly what happened. a mother, father, and two teenage children were found dead in their home on point rider lane. police are called by co-workers of the parents after neither showed up for two days. the family has been a fixture in the neighborhood for nearly 30 years. >> the family were a great, great group of people. >> especially the children. it's just heartbreaking. they had their whole lives. it's tragic. >> police say there is no threat to the community. the vigil will take place at 7:30 tonight at floris united methodist church in herndon. nearly two dozen men in maryland are facing prostitution charges this morning.
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federal immigration officials say police arrested 23 people for soliciting prostitutes in howard, anne arundel, and prince george's county. the arrest were part of immigration officers' investigation into organized crime involving prostitution. local and state police assisted in that bust. the former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend is appealing the convicti conviction. a judge sentenced george huguely to 23 years in prison for the beating death of yeardley love in 2010. attorneys for huguely did not reveal the basis for their appeal, but last month a judge rejected several defense motions in huguely tried to get a new trial. this morning two neighbors at odds over a september 11th memorial in his backyard. thomas said he was lucky to make it out of the world trade center during the attack, and he made a memorial for those who didn't make it out. it features a spotlight in his connecticut home. the neighbor claimed it was an annoyance and called police.
5:34 am
the police ticketed hackley. hackley fought the fine and lost. he paid it, but it's not over. >> am i guilty? i'm guilty. i turned it on. i broke the ordinance, and i paid the fine, the $100 fine. if that's what it is, i'll do it every day. hackley's neighbor says he believes the light was pointed at his house because the two men didn't get along. the neighbor says he plans to move. now the race for virginia's senate seat. george allen's campaign is denying any connection to the text messages. the texts accuse the opponent tim kaine of, quote, wanting to impose a radical tax on all americans. tim kaine wants the attorney general to investigate how anyone got personal cell phone numbers. when mitt romney dismissed 47% of americans not pulling their weight, he attacked
5:35 am
millions of hard working people making $25,000, $35,000 a year. >> you'll probably see that ad in full in virginia in the coming days. the obama campaign is running it there and in six other battleground states. this is the campaign's second commercial that goes after mitt romney over his comments dismissing the 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. >> ann romney is hoping this will help her husband win over voters. she was a guest on "the tonight show" with jay leno last night. the interview wasn't limited to light questions either. >> on a serious note, talk about the significance, if he gets elected, being the first mormon president. >> i love the fact that we have the first african-american president, that that means to me that we're leaving prejudices behind. i would hope that, if mitt were elected, we would see more of the same. >> this was ann romney's first late night interview. it is 5:35 right now. it's no secret the race for the white house has gotten pretty nasty. straight ahead, one man's creative way to help you pick
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your candidate. plus after a two-year hiatus, d.c. police are getting a new tool back in their fight to catch drunk drivers.
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check out this corn maze in utah. it's designed with the images of president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney. guests can choose either the romney or president entrance and cast their vote in the special straw poll. >> it's actual straw. >> really straw poll. there you go. now, if only all precincts were this fun for real. maybe there would be better voter turnout. >> you're absolutely right. or at least more confusion, i bet. let's talk about our forecast. we're waking up to temperatures that are significantly warmer in some places than they have been the last few mornings. veronica johnson is in the storm center with a look at what you can expect today. v.j.? >> that's right. i can tell you it feels nice outside already. 66 right inside the beltway. some of you getting a little rain. check out the radar. storm team 4 radar. see that blob of air around 97.
5:40 am
lake shore area, light showers making their way out of our area but off to the west some more rain. that's what's going to be sliding through here. very light, isolated showers for the most part. south of morgantown, now a little bit of lightning. the heavier stuff will stay up in pennsylvania. so throughout the day, our best chance of rain right around the maryland/pennsylvania border. we're in the low to upper 60s. 63 degrees currently in falls church. high today, 84 degrees. a milder start and a mild finish too. by the noon hour we're at 76 degrees. umbrella ready for today with a slight chance of just a few showers that are going to come passing through. we've got the same thing going on tomorrow with the same weather system all the way through saturday. in fact, right now, it looks like sunday will get a chance to get some drier air in here. danella? still checking on the situation on i-270. here's what's going on. southbound jammed at father hurley boulevard. that's because there was an earlier accident at germantown
5:41 am
road. had only the left lane getting by. right now those travel lanes are open. you are seeing some delays. southbound i-270 after you pass clarksburg road, that's where you're heavy on the brakes and heavy as you make your way through the germantown area. luckily, that accident has cleared. still seeing delays. traveling on the outer loop of the beltway just prior to i-270, still seeing an accident blocking your right shoulder lane. tow truck is on the scene, and you are seeing just a bit of volume as you stick to the left lanes. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic, and we'll talk about i-95 in virginia. here i am starting to see you hit the brakes. details in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you, danella. it is now 5:41. working to restore a national treasure. coming up, the work in store for the washington monument, and when it will reopen to the public. plus why this colorful tribute
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i'm angie goff with news out of syria. iranian tv says one of its reporters was killed in damascus was covering the latest attacks on military buildings. gun battles followed twin of the blahs that left columns of flames and columns of black smoke over damascus. one of the bombs is believed to be planted inside one of the compounds. officials say the blast caused only material damage. it is the latest attack in the ongoing clash between security forces and rebels wanting to oust president bashar al assad. as of this morning, no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings. at the news 4 live desk, angie goff, news 4. 15 before the hour now. this weekend, d.c. police will start using breathalyzers to start testing suspected drunk drivers after a two-year hiatus.
5:46 am
starting friday, trained officers will use a calibrated meter to test drivers' blood alcohol content. the medical examiner's office will maintain the new equipment. >> it's not that the city has been unable to enforce our drunk driving laws, now we will be better able to enforce our drunk driving laws. >> everyone knows drinking and driving, people get killed doing that. >> d.c. police stopped the program two years ago when a contractor found the machines had been miscalibrated, calling into question hundreds of drunk driving convictions. >> the u.s. supreme court will decide whether people can be forced to take drunk driving tests without a search warrant. it comes from missouri where a man failed a sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer. they drove him to the hospital to get a blood test without a search warrant. this morning police are looking into a picture on twitter that's raising questions about a crash that killed a
5:47 am
16-year-old cheerleader and lacrosse player. take a look at this picture posted by ian heflin last week. in the tweet, it appears the person who drove him to school used his knees to steer the car. on monday, heflin died in a car crash in falkland county, virginia. his sister was seriously injured. police told news 4 they are aware of the picture. police say the 17-year-old driver was not hurt and has not been charged. d.c. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a transgender woman over the weekend. he attacked and robbed her just before 5:00 in the morning on sunday. the victim was walking along 51st street in northeast washington when police say a man hit her and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint and stole her purse. d.c. captain cathy lanier is taking some heat for shifts she's making in the department's crime scene branch. lanier is replacing 84 uniformed officers who handle crime scene analysis with civilian technicians. the officers will get other duties.
5:48 am
lanier says the move will help the department keep up with high tech advancements. d.c.'s police union disagrees. >> i think it's the way we have to go. it is the way of the future. and with the science advancing as rapidly as it is, i think it makes good sense. >> unless you're going to replace the experts -- and that's what those guys are, experts -- with experts, then it's potentially a problem. >> d.c. police says the city has not hired enough officers and has stretched the force too thin. this morning parks and service will announce the contractor picked to repair the earthquake damaged washington monument. the monument sustained serious structural damage in last year's 5.2 magnitude quake. the top of the obelisk has large cracks. the repairs are expected to cost $15 million. the monument won't reopen until sometime in 2014. look for the latest on "news 4 midday" at 11:00 and on our website, of. a major casino and gaming company wants to buy a stake in
5:49 am
the largest gaming center maryland live. penn national gaming, which also jones rosecroft race way in prince george's county wants to buy a stake in maryland live. penn national has been trying to defeat maryland's gaming bill, and their hollywood casino in virginia would likely take a hit if the bill passes referendum in november. capital one wants to add a mix of banks, office space, and hotels around its headquarters. they'll also build an $11 million community center and spend more than $63 million on transportation improvements in the area. capital one is the first major land owner in tysons corner submitting a plan to change from an office complex to a mixed use area. today is the holiest jewish day of the year. it is yom kippur. services held at sundown last night when the holiday began.
5:50 am
this is hebrew congregation in northwest washington. yom kippur is the day of atonement, spent fasting and praying. a mural at the center of a legal argument is now gone. it was on the side of a dog grooming business. the county claimed the ad was advertising and violated a sign ordinance. >> i think it's wrong. i think it does add to the dog park. but i guess the owner had no other choice but to comply with what was required. >> the store owner says she'll have a new mural painted that meets county regulations. the university of virginia is the top party school in the country according to playboy magazine. editors say the rankings are based on three categories -- sports, sex, and night life. uva ranked in the top 20 in each of the categories. the school is also known for its academics. last month "forbes" ranked uva the top public school in the
5:51 am
country. >> i thought party school had to do with drimnking. sports, sex, and night life. let's do the forecast. for the most part, people feel we have a winning thing going. yesterday was pretty. the day before was really nice too. today we'll have some clouds around the area. a good part of today, it's going to look like it wants to rain, but it's not actually going to rain. >> that works. >> a lot of people are going to stay dry. most of the showers are going to be off to the north and west around the maryland/pennsylvania border and off to the west of d.c. let's take a look outside, right on out to the weather wall, where we do have clouds outside and temperatures getting into the low 60s across the area. jessup at 60 degrees. patuxent river at 66. annapolis, maryland, at 66 degrees. it feels so much better than it has the last couple of mornings.
5:52 am
at the bus stop, 57 to 62 degrees your temperature range. again, not too bad. the mostly cloudy sky. a light shower is possible. as you'll see on the radar in just a moment. a little shower making its way out of lake shore and around anne arundel county. more rain off to the west around frostburg, morgantown. more of it off to the north. that's exactly where our little boundary is or weather front stretched out right across the area. most of the rain is going to be up around the maryland/pennsylvania border. can't rule out rain showers coming through our area. there is a 30% chance. and the best chance of rain would be during the afternoon. we're sitting in the low 60s throughout most of the area. 67 in d.c., but 61 to 63 generally throughout the area right now. we'll see a temperature today of 81 to 85 degrees with some isolated thunder. occasional showers, again, mainly during the afternoon. 70 to 75 for your evening forecast. and then over the next couple of days, you guessed it.
5:53 am
more showers. even on friday and on saturday. today will be the warmest, though, a high of 84. right now let's get first 4 traffic with danella sealock. >> thanks, veronica. still checking on i-270 as you make your way southbound, an earlier accident at germantown road. that accident has cleared. delays remain. here's a live look as you make your way slowly past father hurley boulevard. the travel lanes are open, but it is sluggish. let's head over to i-95 in virginia. first set of brakes i'm seeing as you make your way north on the occoquan past the river bridge. those areas starting to see congestion. continuing northbound passing lorton, slow as you make your way past fairfax county parkway. not seeing any accidents on i-95 in virginia. checking the brunswick east 870, looks like a seven-minute delay. metro and vre not reporting any
5:54 am
delays. airlines based in the u.s. collected more than $1.7 billion in baggage fees in the first half of the year. that is the largest amount collected from january to june. the bureau of transportation reports delta airlines collected the most fees with nearly $430 million. united airlines came in second at 35$351 million. airlines gap charging for checked baggage in 2008. apple's new iphone blamed for a spike in crime in new york city. it comes less than a week after the iphone 5 went on sale. the theft of iphones, ipads, and other electronic gadgets is up 40% this year. police say most of the robberies happen on the bus or the subway. the tablet wars are heating up just in time for the holiday season. barnes and noble rolling out two new versions of its nook tablet. the nook hd comes in two sizes, one with a seven-inch screen starting at $199. the other has a nine-inch screen and starts at $269. the new nooks have sleek new
5:55 am
hardware and a sharper high definition screen. both tablets will begin shipping in late october and are slated to hit store shelves in early november. 5:54. the problems continue for facebook. cnbc's shar ttia brantley is li with more. the facebook fallout continues. about 50 lawsuits have been filed against the social media giant. the nasdaq, where facebook listed its ipo and the underwriters of the ipo. in addition, securities lawyers representing facebook investors say they expect hundreds of arbitration claims to be filed against brokers and securities firms. that pitched the company shares. facebook shares are down more than 45% since its may 18th ipo. back to you. >> shartia brantley, thank you. a teenage cancer survivor from towsend, maryland, is a lot richer this morning. >> nick ruth won the mega millions lottery. the 19-year-old says he always
5:56 am
buys a mega millions ticket at a 7-eleven near his job. he bought one on friday even though he was not working that day. got to stick with that rue tioua little bit. he ended up matching 5 out of 6 numbers on that ticket, and that is good for $250,000. not too shabby there. after taxes, he'll take home just over $165,000. he says he plans to pay off his car, put some money in the bank, and then he'll donate some of it. >> people keep saying that i deserve it, what i went through, and there's people far off worse than what i went through that could use the money more than me. i'm just glad i can help, help them out. >> he's talking about what he went through. you see here ruth was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005. he has been cancer free for four years now. >> i just think this young man sets such a great example. he is thinking of others, the compassion he has after what he went through. instead of keeping the money for himself, which, you know, he is using some of that. the fact that he wants to share
5:57 am
it with others and help them in their recovery process, i think, just speaks volumes about who he is. kudos to him. >> it really does. you figure you win the lottery, you could sort of say, you know what, i'm going to do all this crazy stuff and take advantage of having this new money. instead, he said, you know what, got to pay it forward. that's a good thing. >> i like this guy. we hope he continues to remain in remission. >> it is 5:57 on your wednesday morning. ahead, we'll tell you about madonna's explanation for a comment she made about president obama. this happened while she was on stage here in d.c. at the verizon center. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
5:58 am
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